CHIASMA Partner Profile – AcumenIST SRL

AcumenIST is a new concept consultancy initiative provided by experienced business leaders with a pronounced track record in both scientific research, development and innovation, as well as in public and regulatory affairs.

AcumenIST combines strong professional skills in the stewardship of emerging technologies along their value chains with established track records in both entrepreneurship, business development and policy making; it supports both the private and the public sector through technology-specific expertise, including (but not limited to) the following activities:

  • Technology and market analysis of all areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology and converging technologies
  • Statistical and economic analyses and impact assessments
  • Conceptualisation and conduct of (innovative) technology assessment, technology foresight and policy assessment exercises, including participatory (stakeholder engagement) exercises
  • Business development (including both project participation and private contracting)
  • R&D vision setting, strategy development and implementation monitoring
  • General consultancy services regarding IP registration/licensing, product development, due diligence, commercialisation, standardisation, and regulatory and public affairs
  • Network-building and –support
  • Project management

AcumenIST’s Role in CHIASMA

AcumenIST is responsible for the dissemination and communication of the Project and its results. AcumenIST has provided a corporate identity for CHIASMA and created its strong and growing visibility.

The latter is supported by AcumenIST’s strong engagement and network within the standardisation and policy-informing community.

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