CHIASMA celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science (United Nations), the CHIASMA ladies would like to encourage girls and women to explore the fascinating world of science, and possibly pick a career in science, so that they can soon share their ideas with a likewise open-minded an curiosity-driven colleagues, because science becomes better the more diverse both the people in it and the subjects they are looking at:

‘I want to encourage women to do what they like and to be confident in their capacity. Nowadays, it is possible to combine research with having a family if you and your partner organise yourself accordingly. Trust yourself! You can do it!’

[a LIST scientist and inspiring mum]

‘Today provides a special occasion to recognize the invaluable contributions of women’s minds to the scientific progress: creativity, empathy, emotions and rationality converge to unlock groundbreaking discoveries and shape a brighter future for all.

[University of Rome Tor Vergata]

‘Women in science face unique challenges, but also incredible opportunities to change the world. Every day, women around the world prove that intelligence, determination and passion know no gender boundaries. On this special day, let’s remember that we can all achieve our dreams, no matter what other people or society tell us. Let’s inspire, encourage and support each other. Every woman who succeeds in science paves the way for the next generation. Together we are strong, and together we will shape the future. Our different point of view, our being, can show many new ways to approach and realize projects. Let’s celebrate this day and look motivated into the future.’

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